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PFM Training Limited specialises in both remote and face to face training in Public Financial Management (PFM). The company brings a wealth of experience and expertise through its founders and Directors.

PFM Training is the only company specialising in PFM training for countries across the world. Our particular expertise includes:

  • Planning and delivering training on government budgeting and accounting
  • Training needs assessment, institutional development and human resource management
  • Both face to face training and remote training using web based delivery tools
  • Working with national training institutions to deliver training and build training capacity
  • Working with international professional and training organisations to deliver accredited qualifications

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Public Financial Management Training

ICGFM Foundation Course in
Public Financial Management

A practical foundation course in public financial management for professionals.

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New book on government financial management

Michael Parry and Jesse Hughes comprehensive book “Accounting for Governments: from budget to audit” is available as an eBook and paperback. More information

To purchase the e-book at $8:

  • From the shop on this website for (not available for non-UK EU residents): PFM Training Ltd 
  • Anyone: or your regional Amazon website
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To purchase the paperback at $30: