Public Financial Management Statement of Capability

Statement of Capability

About PFM Training Limited

PFM Training Limited has been formed as a specialist company providing online and face-to-face training and training advisory services on all aspects of public financial management. The firm builds on the very extensive training expertise of the Directors and associates.

PFM Training Limited has as its mission the provision of high quality training services provided by a small group of established and high quality trainers led by Michael Parry, one of the most experienced and highly qualified international Public Financial Management (PFM) experts.

PFM Training Limited has expertise in the design and implementation of remote web-based training, including learning management systems, webinars, video lectures and online advice and support. Director Phill Bernier brings expertise in the design and application of all forms of web-based training tools.

Based in the UK, PFM Training Limited is able to mobilise the services of a team of high quality and experienced PFM trainers with world-wide and in-depth knowledge of key areas of PFM. The firm has worked in partnership with major training organisations including the Chartered Institute of Public Finance and Accounting (CIPFA), the UN International Labour Organisation International Training Centre (ITC-ILO), the Centre of Excellence in Finance (CEF).

ICGFM Programme to Modernise Government Financial Reporting

We have worked with the International Consortium on Government Financial Management (ICGFM) to develop a programme to support countries modernising government financial reporting – see the paper by Michael Parry and Jesse Hughes published in the International Journal of Government Financial Management in 2017 and reproduced on this website.

We have developed a flexible training programme to support this initiative. Elements include:

  • A flexible training design to meet the requirements of individual countries and government entities within countries
  • A web-based learning management system to support the training
  • A suite of training materials – manuals and slide presentations
  • The capability to provide online webinars or face-to-face training
  • A comprehensive support facility that can be accessed remotely or provided in-country to consider options, provide advice and guidance.

This programme will enable governments to use the structured approach designed with ICGFM to modernise financial reporting.


Training design and planning – evaluating training needs, designing and planning training programmes tailored to the requirements of individual countries and entities.

Human resource management and development – integrating training with human resource management including recruitment, staff development, retention, schemes of service and all aspects of managing people within an organisation.

Curriculum and material development – developing course curricula and training material for a specific requirement, or adapting existing training programmes to meet specific requirements.

IPSAS and transition training – provision of training on International Public Sector Accounting Standards (IPSAS) – accrual and cash based IPSAS. Training for the initial implementation of IPSAS and a phased transition from cash to accrual IPSAS.

Web based training delivery, management, support and assessment – We have expertise in the development of web-based learning management and delivery. This has included learning management systems, training resource delivery, webinars, video lectures, remote support, on-line assessment tests and certification.

Building a sustainable training capacity – helping create a sustainable training capacity within the recipient country or organisation. This may involve working with or developing existing institutions, identifying and training trainers, establishing and handing over software and web based training tools and other training resources.

Remote or face-to-face training – both in-country and face-to-face training (including training of trainers) and remote web-based training. We have amongst our team a number of very experienced trainers in all areas of public financial management. We also have the technical resources and experience of delivering webinars, video lectures and web-based one-to-one support.


Our experience includes both recent experience of PFM Training Limited and earlier experience by the principals of the firm.

As PFM Training Limited

  • Somalia (with WYG and CIPFA) – design of PFM education and training programme delivered through a combination of working with national universities, remote professional bodies, web based training and training of trainers. Included developing human resource management, training curricula, material and assessments.
  • Tajikistan – advice on training and human resource management including transition to IPSAS, development of existing training institution, training for implementation for new IT systems
  • Caribbean Regional Training Programme – training on cash basis IPSAS and for Barbados on accrual IPSAS
  • Papua New Guinea – developed government training institution, designed and trained trainers to deliver structured courses on PFM
  • Germany (GIZ) – advice on training strategy and developing extended case study
  • PEMPAL (Public Expenditure Management Peer Assisted Learning) – training and advice on a range of PFM issues
  • Bangladesh – development of professional body, examination system, curricula and learning materials
  • Nepal – cascade training approach to FMIS implementation and mobile training unit

Personal experience of the training team

  • Management of major private sector training company providing face to face and distance accountancy training
  • Development of a professional accountancy body in Bangladesh, including revised curricula and training materials.
  • Development of a complete training programme, curricula and physical training resources in Papua New Guinea, working with the existing government training institution.
  • Development of existing training institution in Nepal, including a phased rollout of training integrated with implementation using a mobile training unit across the country
  • Translation of IPSAS and IFRS, design and implementation of “cascade” training (cascade from international to national trainers) in Albania
  • Training delivery to various international organisations and conferences



Human resources include Directors and associates. Summarised CVs are available on the website.

  • Michael Parry, Director and senior trainer
  • Phill Bernier, Director and web development expert
  • Jesse Hughes, Associate Trainer
  • Stewart Maugham, Associate Trainer
  • Mark Silins, Associate Trainer
  • Osman Ali, Associate Trainer
  • Eva Andrews – Associate Human Resource Management Expert
  • Paul Crow – Associate Systems Trainer
  • Wayne Bartlett – Associate Trainer

Contact and further information

For further information please contact Michael Parry:



Telephone:        +44 7525 763381