Development of professional accountancy body – Bangladesh

Michael Parry acted as Chief Technical Adviser under a UNDP project to upgrade the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Bangladesh (ICAB).  At the start the ICAB was very small organisation operating from a few rooms in the offices of another organisation. The ICAB lacked basic facilities for members and students, for example there was no library, technical support, up to date qualification structure, manuals or training support for students, or any form of post qualification training for members.

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The ICAB had already been allocated a building plot for purpose built premises and funding had been identified.  Michael Parry supported the design and equipment of the new premises, including a members library, a training resource, a printing capability and management of the new technical services.

A library was established, library management system implemented and a librarian recruited and trained.  Facilities also included audio visual training, e.g. video learning, for members. A system of post qualification training for members was developed and a training programme initiated.

A completely new syllabus for qualifying examinations was initiated, training manuals prepared and training courses initiated. The result was a functioning and effective professional body.

Although technology has moved on since this project, the principles of establishing a professional body remain valid today. However, the role of professional bodies in addressing development and social issues need to be made explicit as part of any programme of support.