Earlier in the month, a short interactive webinar was hosted by ICGFM to provide some information on the ICGFM Foundation eLearning Course in Public Financial Management and to answer any questions. The session was recorded and appears below. Underneath the video are the timestamps for the individual questions. 

Public Financial Management Training

Foundation Course in PFM

A practical foundation course for PFM professionals

Video Content

  • 00:48 A short presentation about the Public Financial Management course
  • 13:32 How long does the course take?
  • 13:51 What makes this PFM Foundation course different?
  • 17:24 Do you have Train the Trainer programme?
  • 18:37 Do you offer a student discount? 1
  • 9:33 Will you benefit from the course if you are a qualified accountant?
  • 20:22 Is ICGFM a professional body?
  • 21:20 Why does the course assume no prior knowledge?
  • 21:41 In terms of accounting, do you mainly focus on cash or accrual accounting?
  • 22:37 Does this course touch on niche PFM topics?
  • 23:17 When can I start and how long does it take?
  • 24:50 Why are you offering this foundation course now?
  • 26:28 Do you include the PEFA assessment in the foundation course?